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Why are we proud to work at the CLH Group?

Discover the reasons to work with us and look for your opportunity:

  • We are a leading company in our sector

    We have one of the largest and most efficient integrated transport and storage networks for petroleum products worldwide, which, together with its management systems, allows us to provide our customers with a service of the highest quality.
  • We work in a good working environment

    We are committed to the quality of employment, within a satisfactory working environment which is flexible and conducive to conciliation.
  • Innovation, quality and efficiency form our DNA

    We do not settle for what we have established, we look for new solutions that satisfy our customers and help us to make a difference. In addition, we participate in the generation of improvements through various collaborative and technological channels.
  • We create value through learning for life

    Our training and development programs have a variety of learning methods: online and face-to-face, in the workplace and through our corporate platform, CAMPUS CLH. To align the formation and development with the objectives and strategy of the company, we provide our employees with the tools needed to achieve their professional and personal dreams and develop the future leaders of the CLH Group.
  • In our international expansion, we set out to win

    In recent years, we have grown outside our borders, focusing on various business opportunities and strengthening our presence in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman, Panama and Mexico.
  • We contribute to sustainable development

    We base our Corporate Responsibility on the establishment of relationships of trust and collaboration with our stakeholders, in accordance with our Mission, Vision and Values and our adherence to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • We are a team

    At CLH we foster open debate, a culture of knowledge and communication in a rich and diverse environment where professionals from different disciplines share our passion for progress and customer service.
  • Our personal development is based on constant feedback and feed-forward

    We understand the evaluation process as a constant dialogue between the evaluator and the evaluated, in which it is not only possible to achieve Objectives (Achievement) but also consider how we reach them, i.e., our behaviours and values (Performance). All of this is alongside constant constructive criticism (feedback), with a view to future development and improvement (feed-forward). This is why it is no coincidence that our assessment system is called MyMAP.
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